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A look back

Wow, we have talked about homeschooling A LOT. Through my writing, I hope you have come away with three things: 1. Don’t judge people on their appearances. Seriously people, even if someone looks “nerdy,” does not mean that he is … Continue reading

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5 Things Every Homeschooler Should Do

Homeschooling is a lifestyle. Let’s face it: We’re different. Often, however, homeschooling carries with it the implication that because we’re different, we also miss out on certain things. Sometimes this is true, but homeschoolers also have many opportunities to experience … Continue reading

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3 misconceptions about homeschoolers

Legal issues True Story: When my siblings and I were in elementary school, my mother enrolled us in a homeschooling co-op group. We would go on field trips, have holiday parties, and even volunteered at the nursing home. One day, … Continue reading

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Taking my own word for it

Most of you have probably seen this picture. The truth here is that homeschoolers are often taught uniquely; that is, their parents get to choose what they teach their children. Whether it is melee weapons fighting, small unit tactics, underwater … Continue reading

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The Art of Using a Desk

One thing that surprised me when I started college was the time it took to adjust to desks. To be more specific, sitting in them for hours at a time. It was more than the fact that I ended the … Continue reading

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What about College?

Good question. Many home schooled students (and their parents) worry about the transition to college. Sometimes it’s a question of academic readiness, but more often the concerns seem to revolve around the idea of a very unfamiliar experience and environment. It’s … Continue reading

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How do you define homeschooling?

Obviously, if you’re homeschooled, it means your parents (usually your mom) teach you at home. Right? But wait, there are quite a few ways to go about this. Looking back at my schooling experience, I would like to say I … Continue reading

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