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A look back

Wow, we have talked about homeschooling A LOT. Through my writing, I hope you have come away with three things: 1. Don’t judge people on their appearances. Seriously people, even if someone looks “nerdy,” does not mean that he is … Continue reading

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5 Things Every Homeschooler Should Do

Homeschooling is a lifestyle. Let’s face it: We’re different. Often, however, homeschooling carries with it the implication that because we’re different, we also miss out on certain things. Sometimes this is true, but homeschoolers also have many opportunities to experience … Continue reading

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Siblings and/or Friends?

“You girls always get along so well, don’t you?” My sisters and I greet this frequent comment with wry smiles.  The irony is that there’s some truth in it, and I think much of it has to do with being … Continue reading

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“You’re ruining the grandkids!”

My parent’s initial decision to homeschool was almost haphazard. My family had moved from Iowa to Minnesota and my parents knew nothing about the schools near our new home, so my dad suggested to my mom, “Let’s homeschool them!” My … Continue reading

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