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A look back

Wow, we have talked about homeschooling A LOT. Through my writing, I hope you have come away with three things: 1. Don’t judge people on their appearances. Seriously people, even if someone looks “nerdy,” does not mean that he is … Continue reading

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The game of books

  If you could be any character in The Hunger Games, who would you be? I still can’t decide between Peeta, Effie Trinket, and Primrose. I would choose Peeta or Primrose because these two have goodness and make sacrifices for … Continue reading

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3 misconceptions about homeschoolers

Legal issues True Story: When my siblings and I were in elementary school, my mother enrolled us in a homeschooling co-op group. We would go on field trips, have holiday parties, and even volunteered at the nursing home. One day, … Continue reading

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Waiting on Valentine’s Day

Whether today is Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day, or just an average Tuesday for you, you probably have an opinion about this day of romantic celebration. I can’t say that I’ve always looked forward to Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me … Continue reading

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Missing out

Today was a great day because my article made the front page of my college’s newspaper. I was walking on air today. I felt famous, accomplished, on top of the world. Then I realized why I was so excited: I … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with my comfort zone?

As a homeschooler, I often have trouble stepping out of my comfort zone. Growing up with my siblings, parents, and best friends (who were also homeschooled) around me was very comfortable. Throughout high school, I was convinced that I was … Continue reading

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All about Tebow

I want to marry Tim Tebow. Well, we would have to get to know each other first, but I really think it would work out well. Tebow is a man of God, he’s athletic, and attractive. He has taken a … Continue reading

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