5 Things Every Homeschooler Should Do

Homeschooling is a lifestyle. Let’s face it: We’re different. Often, however, homeschooling carries with it the implication that because we’re different, we also miss out on certain things. Sometimes this is true, but homeschoolers also have many opportunities to experience things others don’t. At any rate, here are five things every well-rounded homeschooler should do.

1. Join a group.

Although homeschoolers have many opportunities, sometimes we don’t take advantage of them. Honestly, it’s easy to get isolated. So join a group. It might be a school sport, extracurricular group, or a club like 4-H. Try to find ways to connect with people.

2. Do school in your pajamas.

Some families are less open to this than others, but I highly recommend doing it at least once. In my home, we used to have “jammie days” about once a week. No, it’s probably not a good idea every day, but it can be fun once in a while. And there are those who would question your legitimacy as a homeschoolers if you have not had this experience.

3. Bless your family.

As homeschoolers, we spend a LOT of time with our families. It’s easy to focus on school work rather than caring for the people around us. Remember that you really do care about your family and do something unexpected. Volunteer to do the breakfast dishes or quiz your sister on her biology definitions. It can change the tone of the entire day.

4. Volunteer.

Simply because of our flexible schedules, homeschoolers are able to be involved in ways public school students cannot. Take advantage of this. There were many times when my sisters and I were able to bless someone by babysitting for them during the day.

5. Take a stroll around town in the middle of the day.

Okay, this last one is kind of a joke. I’m not necessarily recommending it, and you will probably get some funny looks. But it can be fun.

Have you experienced any of these? What would you add to my list?



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I'm a writer and editor with a passion for effective communication. I also love reading, music, my family, and vanilla chai tea.
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1 Response to 5 Things Every Homeschooler Should Do

  1. kirkistan says:

    “Bless your family” is very cool. Great attitude.

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