The game of books

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If you could be any character in The Hunger Games, who would you be?

I still can’t decide between Peeta, Effie Trinket, and Primrose. I would choose Peeta or Primrose because these two have goodness and make sacrifices for the people they love. Effie, on the other hand, is rather clueless and does things out of the goodness of her twisted sense of kindness. Her actions, though shallow, have the right motives and she doesn’t get hurt as badly as the other characters do.

I devoured The Hunger Games over Christmas Break. As you can tell, I’ve deeply analyzed the themes of the story. Immersing myself in these books brought me back to my youth, when I was a skinny bespectacled child who read books for fun. Anne of Green Gables, Aslan, Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes…they were all great friends.

As part of home education, my mother had the freedom to make most of my homework reading-based. Looking back, I am so blessed to have been fed books at a young age, all because of the freedom provided by homeschooling.

Today, my list of books to read someday when I have time has grown to 26 different works. Theology, historical fiction, muckracking journalism, and classical works have all made the list. I can’t wait until I get another chance to devour books for fun. I can’t wait for my next Hunger Games.

And for the record, this girl is going to the midnight showing of The Hunger Games on March 23rd. The books were that good. Watch the trailer here: Hunger Games Trailer

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2 Responses to The game of books

  1. jamesoknoop says:

    I also grew up reading a ton. My favorites were “The Mars Diaries” by Sigmund Brouwer, “Left Behind (The Kids)”, and “The Chronicles of Narnia.” After going to college, I’ve read basically nothing for fun for three years. Several people recommended the Hunger Games and I was definitely skeptical. A couple of weeks later I had finished all three books. They are absolutely amazing. 🙂 And yes, I too will be at the midnight showing. I have a feeling half of NWC will be.

    • elizabethz23 says:

      Chronicles of Narnia were some of my favorites too! C.S. Lewis was just a really brilliant author. Reading for fun is such a great break from textbooks, and I’m pretty sure it makes us smarter in the long run :).

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