Missing out

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Today was a great day because my article made the front page of my college’s newspaper. I was walking on air today. I felt famous, accomplished, on top of the world. Then I realized why I was so excited: I missed out. I’m ashamed to say that because I was homeschooled, I never got to write for my school’s paper. There is a common concern among family and friends of homeschoolers that homeschooled children are missing out on the joys of public school. Prom, sports teams, debate, theatre, you name it, people are pretty sure homeschoolers don’t have it.

I don’t know about your experience with being homeschooled or with your homeschooled acquaintances, but my homeschooling community successfully provided volleyball, basketball, theatre, choir, band, cross country, and even a senior formal dance (we call it “prom”). Contrary to popular belief, homeschoolers CAN and DO participate in many of the activities provided by a public school; we often just have smaller groups. I played basketball and volleyball for six years, sang in choir on and off for about three years, and watch my little sister in all her theatre productions to this day.

So, despite my sorrow at not having the opportunity to write for a school newspaper before I came to college, today I have realized just how much I have been able to do because I’m homeschooled. Don’t worry, homeschoolers have just as many, or more opportunities as kids in public school.

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2 Responses to Missing out

  1. Thank you for the article, Zoey. I read that article and it was really marvelous. Seriously, it is one of the only times this year that I had the desire to finish and article in The Scroll. Keep it up. I like your attitude about the opportunities that you had in your early years; although your recognized that some things were missed you truly seem to treasure and value your years as a home- schooler. I was a private school kid and it’s remarkable how many stereotypes that I have been pinned as. I have learned to stay true to what my past has formed me into and try my best to not change a memory in retrospect. Wonderful post 🙂


    • elizabethz23 says:

      Thanks so much Monica! It’s great to hear that people have been reading it. My favorite kinds of articles are the ones that challenge the institution a bit and put people’s opinions in the spotlight.

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