Why I love (and hate) libraries

Libraries and I have a love-hate relationship. Well, that’s not really true. It’s mostly love. Really, I only hate libraries when I have procrastinated a big paper and finally have to force myself to get started on it. So that’s really hating the self-induced torture that just happens to usually take place in a library. Libraries, when used the way they are intended, are incredibly spectacular places.

As a homeschooler, I think I have a rather unique perspective on libraries. Growing up, the library was one of my favorite places, right up there with Grandma’s house and the cab of my dad’s combine at harvest time. My mom took my sisters and I there about once a week, and we reveled in it. We would scatter among the shelves, gleefully selecting books to devour in the days to come. Eventually, my mom was forced to set a limit (I think 5 or 6 books per fanatic) so that the plastic orange crate which held our library books remained a reasonable weight. The librarians knew my sisters and I well, in addition to all 14 digits of my mom’s library card number. We were fixtures and I loved it.

As I have grown older, my feelings about libraries have not changed. Life, unfortunately, has moved on, often leaving me precious little time to bask between the shelves. Nevertheless, I wistfully await the day when I will have nothing to do but read. I hope it comes soon.

What is your relationship with libraries?



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I'm a writer and editor with a passion for effective communication. I also love reading, music, my family, and vanilla chai tea.
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7 Responses to Why I love (and hate) libraries

  1. Interesting post Kayla! I too can’t wait to read for fun, the lust of an English major lol. Do you think as a homeschooler you read more or enjoyed the library more than others? I personally have a hate relationship with the library. It is my friend what I am doing a research paper, but I have several complaints: the books smell gross, they never have the good books you actually want to read, and you never know whose hands have been on them. I’m kind of a book snob. And the library in my hometown had next to nothing, except erotica. Gross. So I probably have a scarred experience. Thanks for opening the library up for discussion!

    • KaylaRose says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I don’t want to imply that I had a better library experience than every public school student, but did have more exposure to the local library (not school library) than many other students I knew. I think a lot of it had to do with being homeschooled. Perhaps it was because of the different social experience I had. When my sisters and I had free time, we read. It was just what we did. If I had gone to a public school, I might have occupied my time in other ways (sports, etc.).

      I can honestly say that none of your “book snobbery” notions have ever crossed my mind! My local library was wonderful, so that may have helped. 🙂 I’m glad you still love books though! (just not library ones 🙂 )

  2. collegeshift says:

    We always went to the library for high speed internet, since our house didn’t have any. 🙂 Going to the library meant checking facebook, email, working on PSEO stuff, and maybe renting a book. However, our closest library was 30 miles away, so we didn’t get to go all that often.

    • KaylaRose says:

      Yes! Fast internet is another advantage of libraries, though by the time I was at point that I needed to use it, we had upgraded to wireless at our home. Thanks for sharing!

  3. KAR says:

    In the last five years or so, I I have gotten so that I’m not all that crazy about most libraries. This might be an English major sin. Mostly, going to the library means that I have a research paper. I now buy almost every book I read; I want my own library, and I want to buy and read things that are worth re-reading. My favorite thing about libraries is that some are adorned with fancy, old books and sturdy woodwork. I mostly figure that they keep these in Europe becuase I don’t find many. I would love to walk around the Trinity College Library in Dublin someday. Do you think that you like the library becuase of the books only or do you like spending time there, too?

    • KaylaRose says:

      Well, I loved spending time at my local library, but it wasn’t because of fascinating manuscripts or intricate woodwork. I guess I love the peace mostly. I also loved it because there wasn’t anything to do but read, whereas at home my mother seemed to take pleasure in coming up with jobs that my sisters and I should have been doing instead of reading. At the library, there was no pressure to spend my time “more productively.” I also enjoy big, old libraries (I’m actually going to Ireland over spring break and will get to see the Trinity College library!!), but I really like cozy feel of small town libraries where everyone knows you by name.

      How many books do you have in your “collection”? Do you have trouble fitting them in your dorm room yet??

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