Good Ol’ Homeschooler Initiative

Homeschoolers are initiative-takers. It’s really what defines us. The idea of homeschooling itself is based on people recognizing the value of a more personal education and stepping up to act on it. We also take initiative when it comes to connecting with other people. We form co-ops and organize educational competitions and clubs. In fact, homeschooling is what it is today largely because homeschoolers have gotten involved in making sure that our government continues to allow us this freedom.

As we look ahead to the 2012 election in November, however, it’s easy to let that initiative slide. The Republican presidential nomination has been a hotly contested race and looks to continue that way. As a conservative, I sometimes think that none of candidates are people I would want leading this country. But this is not an excuse to let our homeschooler initiative falter! Whatever your political affiliation, take pride in your homeschooler status, as well as your freedom to voice your opinion. Please take the time to become informed about the important issues and how candidates (presidential or otherwise) stand on them.

For my fellow Minnesotans, the Republican caucus is next Tuesday, February 7 at 7:00pm. You can go here to find out where your district meets. Take a step and spread that homeschooler initiative around!





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I'm a writer and editor with a passion for effective communication. I also love reading, music, my family, and vanilla chai tea.
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2 Responses to Good Ol’ Homeschooler Initiative

  1. meaganlinn says:

    Kayla, thanks for this post. I think that sometimes people can have the misconception that homeschoolers are less educated, but really those educated at home go above and beyond basic education. Not only that, but they have to push themselves in order to succeed. The upcoming election is a great example of where everyone needs to take initiative. I’m looking forward to following a few candidates throughout the race.

  2. KaylaRose says:

    Thanks Meagan! I know what you mean – sometimes homeschoolers have a reputation for being isolated and uninvolved in current events. We all need to use that initiative!

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