All about Tebow

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I want to marry Tim Tebow.

Well, we would have to get to know each other first, but I really think it would work out well. Tebow is a man of God, he’s athletic, and attractive. He has taken a lot of heat for his beliefs, yet he remains steadfast (at least from what the media has said). Tebow’s unique blend of straightforward beliefs, humble attitude, and skilled athleticism makes him something of a rarity.

Perhaps, strangest of all, Tebow was homeschooled for most of his pre-college education. His parents were missionaries to the Philippines until 1990, and his dad is a pastor. This well-muscled professional quarterback contradicts the stereotype about ALL homeschoolers being uncoordinated and non-athletic.

Taking so much heat for his beliefs has boosted Tebow’s presence in the conservative community. Lately, his habit of taking a knee in prayer before, after, and during games has sparked controversy. But for those of us who do have an intensely personal relationship with Jesus Christ, it’s just really great to see someone “tebowing” on TV before we take to our own knees before bed. This interview with Jimmy Fallon will have all you girls and your moms saying, “Awww, what a GREAT guy.”

So, I’m not actually serious about marrying Tim Tebow. I mean, if the situation arises, then I won’t complain. But my main point is that Tebow is someone that good girls daydream about just a little. He may not be my Prince Charming, but his vibrant love of Jesus and courageous stance for his beliefs are qualities that good (read: Christian) guys should have.


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2 Responses to All about Tebow

  1. collegeshift says:

    Tim Tebow may not be my “Prince Charming”, but I have gotten a LOT of flack for talking about him nonstop. My childhood hero was Michael Jordan. My young-adulthood hero is Tim Tebow, for all the reasons you stated in this post. Jesus means more than anything in life to me, and the NFL probably comes second. I have never seen an NFL player who seemed to think the same way. Even the worst critics cannot deny that Tebow is among the hardest working players, and one of the best persons off the field. I could write for a long time about how much I love the guy. 🙂 And yes, as a fellow homeschooler, I can now pull the “Tim Tebow Card” when someone makes fun of homeschoolers. 🙂

  2. This post was great! It made me laugh. Poor Tebow, he definitely gets plenty of attention negative and positive. My mom is from the Philippines, so it was awesome to hear how his parents worked over there for the Lord. He has a book out: Through My Eyes, that looked really interesting as well. It would probably give really good insight into his life before the NFL and his journey there.

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