The Art of Using a Desk

One thing that surprised me when I started college was the time it took to adjust to desks. To be more specific, sitting in them for hours at a time. It was more than the fact that I ended the day with a sore keister, as my dad would say (though that certainly didn’t improve my focus). Desks are just different. For one thing, they’re tiny.  It’s a juggling act to balance a notebook, textbook, and pencil on a 12×12 square. Add a coffee cup and you’re just asking for trouble.

A desk

The thing is, most home schoolers don’t really use desks. At all. In my house, the kitchen table was operation central. Somehow, we all congregated there. It helped that there was usually something in the oven, pushing heat and (mostly) tantalizing scents into the room. Eventually the school room acquired a table and relieved some of the congestion in the kitchen, but desks were never really part of the picture. Other popular spots included the couch or floor in the living room, various beds, and a moon chair in the school room (always strategically placed in front of the heat vent). In warmer weather, we sometimes made use of the trampoline in the backyard.

I’m sure some home schoolers use desks, but many, like my family, take advantage of the flexibility of home schooling and sit elsewhere. I admit that my mother did have to designate rules for assignments requiring more careful penmanship, but we were fine with sitting at a table some of the time. It’s just nice to have a variety throughout the day. Algebra is much more captivating when you’re stretched out on a sun-splashed trampoline.

Where is your favorite homework nook?



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1 Response to The Art of Using a Desk

  1. kirkistan says:

    My favorite is…my desk. But it’s not tiny like a classroom desk, which I also find uncomfortable.

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