Siblings and/or Friends?

“You girls always get along so well, don’t you?”

My sisters and I greet this frequent comment with wry smiles.  The irony is that there’s some truth in it, and I think much of it has to do with being home schooled.  Oh, we’ve certainly had our share of quarrels, some of them rather heated (I recall a particular incident involving a belt buckle and my ear…), but they haven’t hindered the sisterly bond that’s developed over the years.

The point is not our lack of arguments but the closeness of our friendship.  My sisters are my best friends; I would honestly rather spend my day with them than with anyone else.  Although it is certainly not the rule, this intimate bond seems to develop easily among home schooled siblings.  It makes sense too.  Spend the vast majority of your days with the same people and you will most likely end up with at least a few things in common.

This is not to imply that siblings who aren’t home schooled will never be close.  However, in the same way that public school students develop close friendships with their classmates, home schoolers get close to their classmates.  It just so happens that their classmates are also their siblings.

Whether you’re a home schooler or not, what’s your favorite memory with your siblings?



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10 Responses to Siblings and/or Friends?

  1. zenmamajo says:

    we homeschool our children (ages 6, 3, 3, and 1). i love to say to them ‘these are your memories…’ when they fight and remind them that those are their memories when they are having a particularly great day. this is very encouraging posting. :o)

    • KaylaRose says:

      Thanks for sharing! At that age, I don’t think I appreciated my sisters as much as I do now, but we definitely bonded, whether through the fights or the great days!

  2. meaganlinn says:

    I like how you phrased “The poing is not our lack or arguments but the closeness of our friendship.” That is an awesome way to think about relationships. Actually, the strong ones can withstand more difficulties because of how close they are. I’m the same way with my sister. We get along freakishly well. Sisters are the best! 🙂

  3. I think that is awesome that you are so close with your siblings! You made a very good point that since you spent so much time with them home schooling it was like making friends at school.
    My brother and I went to public school but are still very close. My favorite memory with him is driving around and talking or jamming out in the car. He is three years younger then me, but I would also rather hang out with him then a bunch of other people. Thanks for the share!

    • KaylaRose says:

      Thanks! You made a great point with your relationship with your brother. I think you really know you’re close to someone when you don’t have to even be doing anything to enjoy being with them. You can have fun doing nothing!

  4. That is great to hear! I always wonder if kids that are homeschooled get on each other’s nerves being around each other that much. It’s good to know that great friendships can be formed! My brothers and I went to public school, and we didn’t get along really well until we all graduated and stopped living under the same roof. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  5. KaylaRose says:

    Thanks Lexi! I’m sure not all home schoolers get along, but my own experience was wonderful! I know what you mean about getting closer after you’ve been separated, though. Check out my new post tonight to read more about that!

  6. kirkistan says:

    Interesting–I’d never thought of the relationships that might develop. But yikes: the belt buckle and the ear! I hope you didn’t hurt the buckle.

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