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Taking my own word for it

Most of you have probably seen this picture. The truth here is that homeschoolers are often taught uniquely; that is, their parents get to choose what they teach their children. Whether it is melee weapons fighting, small unit tactics, underwater … Continue reading

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The Art of Using a Desk

One thing that surprised me when I started college was the time it took to adjust to desks. To be more specific, sitting in them for hours at a time. It was more than the fact that I ended the … Continue reading

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What about College?

Good question. Many home schooled students (and their parents) worry about the transition to college. Sometimes it’s a question of academic readiness, but more often the concerns seem to revolve around the idea of a very unfamiliar experience and environment. It’s … Continue reading

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How do you define homeschooling?

Obviously, if you’re homeschooled, it means your parents (usually your mom) teach you at home. Right? But wait, there are quite a few ways to go about this. Looking back at my schooling experience, I would like to say I … Continue reading

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Siblings and/or Friends?

“You girls always get along so well, don’t you?” My sisters and I greet this frequent comment with wry smiles.  The irony is that there’s some truth in it, and I think much of it has to do with being … Continue reading

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“You’re ruining the grandkids!”

My parent’s initial decision to homeschool was almost haphazard. My family had moved from Iowa to Minnesota and my parents knew nothing about the schools near our new home, so my dad suggested to my mom, “Let’s homeschool them!” My … Continue reading

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Words (and stories)

I have always loved words.  I love to write them.  I love to analyze them.  But mostly, I love to read them.  I love words because they tell stories.  So here’s mine. Before I started school, my parents decided to … Continue reading

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